Key Self Defense Concepts Everyone Should Know

One of the key things to understand with Self Defense is that there is No Magic Move.  It's all about understanding what your situation/problem is.  To do this we first look at what is the Range aka are you far enough away to just leave whether it be run, walk, climb, or even drive.  Avoid if possible, next is what is the Range ie are they approaching you from the front, side or rear, and the next is are they attacking high (head level) medium (body/trunk level) or low (leg level).  Once you know these three things you can now decide what to do and what the best response is.  To help illustrate this point please take a look at this video from one of my Self Defense seminars as we go over multiple angles,  Attack options and control points on the human body you can affect with your bare hands, or with a blunt, bladed, or projectile weapons.

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