Stretching is good but Stretchercise is better. I love stability/yoga balls

I made up the term "Stretchercise" but I'm sure some other coach, or trainer somewhere has said the same thing.  From what I've found over the years being more flexible might take some pain away but if the muscles are weak they can lead to more or even greater injuries.  So long story short I believe in strengthening the muscles as much as possible either around the injury, or in another area of the body that creates balance and less pain and more movement, coordination in the body.  So I'm what you'd call a resistance band, kettelbell, olympic lifting, bodyweight/gymnastics/yoga/pilates, and stability ball type of person so here are some of my favorite stability ball stretchercise's to build strength and mobility in the entire body simply and quickly.

My favorite Basic Stability Ball warmup

And here's the next progression I've been working with my athletes and my self for years because simply put.  They work, and they get quick, simple and noticeable results.

If nothing else I highly suggest everyone gets a stability ball, with or without a base, with or without sand and start with just sitting and laying on it.  You can google all the reasons why.  I'm just happy if I get a few people started down the path of health, and pain free living and hopefully turning themselves into athletes no matter how old they are.

You can get stability balls super cheap ranging from $4.99 to $60 vs a 15 years ago when I started them being speacilty items you can only get at a Doctors or Chiripractors office for $40-$70 or at a high end Sporting good store for a few dollars cheaper.  Long story short.  I really think it will help you